Single-Beam Bathymetry Sounding Data of Cape Canaveral, Florida, (2014) in XYZ ASCII text file format

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Description The Cape Canaveral Coastal System (CCCS) is a prominent feature along the Southeast U.S. coastline, and is the only large cape south of Cape Fear, North Carolina. Most of the CCCS lies within the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and included in its boundaries are the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS), NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and a large portion of Canaveral National Seashore. The actual promontory of the modern Cape falls within the jurisdictional boundaries of CCAFS. These various agencies have ongoing concerns related to erosion hazards and vulnerability of the system including critical infrastructure, habitats, recreational and cultural resources. The USGS conducted a bathymetric mapping survey from August 18-20, 2014, in the Atlantic Ocean offshore of Cape Canaveral, Florida (USGS Field Activity Number 2014-324-FA). The study area covered an area extending south from Port Canaveral, Florida, to the northern end of the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) property and extending from the shoreline to about 2.5 km offshore. Bathymetric data were collected with single beam sonar and lidar based systems. Two jet skis and a 17-ft outboard motor boat equipped with the USGS SANDS hydrographic system collected precision sonar data. The sonar operations were conducted in three missions one on each day, with the boat and jet skis operating concurrently. The USGS airborne EAARL-B mapping system flown in a twin engine plane was used to collect lidar data. The lidar operations were conducted in 3 missions, one in the afternoon of August 19, 2015 and two more in the morning and afternoon of August 20, 2014. The missions were synchronized such that there was some temporal and spatial overlap between the sonar and lidar operations. Additional data were collected to evaluate the actual water clarity corresponding to lidar's ability receive bathymetric returns. This dataset serves as an archive of processed single-beam and lidar bathymetry data collected at Cape Canaveral, Florida, in 2014 (in XYZ comma delimited, ASCII and shapefile format). Also included in this archive are Geographic Information System (GIS) data products: gridded map data (in ESRI binary and ASCII grid format), and a color-coded bathymetry map (in PDF format). [More]
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