Topographic Lidar Survey of Dauphin Island, Alabama and Chandeleur, Stake, Grand Gosier and Breton Islands, Louisiana, July 12-14, 2013 -- Classified Point Data

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Description A topographic lidar survey was conducted July 12-14, 2013 over Dauphin Island, Alabama and Chandeleur, Stake, Grand Gosier and Breton Islands, Louisiana. Lidar data exchange format (LAS) 1.2 formatted classified point data files were generated based on these data. Photo Science, Inc. was contracted by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to collect and process the lidar data. The lidar data were collected at a nominal pulse spacing (NPS) of 1.0 meter (m). The horizontal projection and datum of the data are Universe Transverse Mercator, zone 16N, North American Datum 1983 (UTM Zone 16N NAD83), meters. The vertical datum is North American Vertical Datum 1988, Geoid 2012a (NAVD88, GEOID12A), meters. Eighty-five LAS files, based on a 2-kilometer by 2-kilometer tiling scheme, cover the entire survey area. These lidar data are available to Federal, State and local governments, emergency-response officials, resource managers, and the general public. Lidar_Information Lidar_Collection_Information Lidar_Specification USGS-NGP Base Lidar Specification v1.0 Lidar_Sensor Leica ALS 70 Lidar_Maximum_Returns 4 Lidar_Pulse_Spacing 0.64 Lidar_Density 1.57 Lidar_Flight_Height 1524 Lidar_Flight_Speed 130 Lidar_Scan_Angle 20.0 Lidar_Scan_Frequency 29.6 Lidar_Pulse_Rate 178.4 Lidar_Pulse_Duration 4 Lidar_Pulse_Width 0.35 Lidar_Central_Wavelength 1064 Lidar_Multiple_Pulses_In_Air 0 Lidar_Beam_Divergence 0.22 Lidar_Swath_Width 1109.38 Lidar_Swath_Overlap 11.46% Lidar_Coordinate_Reference_System_Name NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_16N_Meters Lidar_Geoid National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Geoid03 Lidar_Accuracy_Information Lidar_Calculated_Horizontal_Accuracy 0.012 Lidar_Raw_Fundamental_Vertical_Accuracy 0.01 Lidar_LAS_Information Lidar_LAS_Version 1.2 Lidar_LAS_Point_Record_Format 1 Lidar_LAS_Witheld_Point_Identifier Withheld (ignore) points were identified in these files using the standard LAS Withheld bit. Lidar_LAS_Overage_Point_Identifier Swath "overage" points were identified in these files by adding 16 to the standard classification values. Lidar_LAS_Radiometric_Resolution 8 Lidar_LAS_Classification Lidar_LAS_Class_Code 1 Lidar_LAS_Class_Description Processed, but unclassified Lidar_LAS_Classification Lidar_LAS_Class_Code 2 Lidar_LAS_Class_Description Bare earth ground Lidar_LAS_Classification Lidar_LAS_Class_Code 7 Lidar_LAS_Class_Description Noise Lidar_LAS_Classification Lidar_LAS_Class_Code 9 Lidar_LAS_Class_Description Water Lidar_LAS_Classification Lidar_LAS_Class_Code 10 Lidar_LAS_Class_Description Ignored ground Lidar_LAS_Classification Lidar_LAS_Class_Code 17 Lidar_LAS_Class_Description Overlap default (unclassified) Lidar_LAS_Classification Lidar_LAS_Class_Code 18 Lidar_LAS_Class_Description Overlap bare-earth ground [More]
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