Sediment Thickness--Salt Point to Drakes Bay, California

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Description This part of DS 781 presents data for the sediment-thickness map of the Salt Point to Drakes Bay, California, region. The raster data file is included in "," which is accessible from As part of the USGS's California State Waters Mapping Project, a 20-m grid of sediment thickness for the seafloor within the 3-nautical mile limit between Salt Point and Drakes Bay was generated from seismic-reflection data collected in 2009 (USGS activity (S-8-09-NC) supplemented with outcrop and geologic structure from DS 781. The resulting grid covers an area of approximately 717 sq km. The volume of sediment accumulated since the Last Glacial Maximum is approximately 6,800 million cubic meters. Contours at 2.5-meter intervals were derived from this grid. [More]
Originators Johnson, Samuel Y.; Hartwell, Stephen R.; Watt, Janet T.; Sliter, Ray W.; and Golden, Nadine E.

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map of sediment thickness contours
map of sediment thickness contours