PAC_CLC: Calculated seabed data for the continental margin of the U.S. Pacific Coast (California, Oregon, Washington) from usSEABED (pac_clc.txt)

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Description This data layer (PAC_CLC.txt) is one of five point coverages of known sediment samples, inspections, and probes from the usSEABED data collection for the U.S Pacific continental margin integrated using the software system dbSEABED. This data layer represents the calculated (CLC) output of the dbSEABED mining software. Data in this file extend variables determined through the data extraction (EXT) and data parsing (PRS) processes of dbSEABED, calculated using empirical relations or known functions. The CLC data is the most derivative and least accurate of the usSEABED data files and should be used with caution; however, many users may appreciate that it extends the coverage of map areas with attributes, especially physical properties attributes. Please refer to the dbSEABED page (, and the Frequently Asked Questions ( pages for more information on the calculation process. This file contains the same data fields as the extracted (PAC_EXT) and parsed (PAC_PRS) data files, and the three files may be combined. [More]
Originators Reid, Jane A.; Reid, Jamey M.; Jenkins, Chris J.; Zimmermann, Mark; Williams, S. Jeffress; and Field, Michael E.

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Image map showing extent of data layer coverage
Image map showing extent of data layer coverage