Sound velocity vs. depth plots and CTD cast data collected in April 2021 offshore Santa Cruz, California during USGS field activity 2021-619-FA

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Description Sound velocity and CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) cast data were collected at 9 sites offshore Santa Cruz, CA during USGS field activity 2021-619-FA in April of 2021. Aboard the R/V Parke Snavely (RVPS), a SonTek CastAway-CTD was used to collect these data at in the upper 67 meters of the water column. these data is provided in csv format, a shapefile of cast locations, as well as PNG plots of the speed of sound as a function of depth for each cast location.
Originators Balster-Gee, Alicia F.; Baldwin, Wayne E.; Partrick E. Hart; and Hart, Patrick E.

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