Interpretation of the distribution of gas and clinoforms mapped within two Pleistocene channels within the Hudson Shelf Valley, derived from seismic data collected by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1995 - 1999 (Esri polygon, Geographic, WGS84)

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Description These data represent gas and clinoforms mapped wtihin two Pleistocene channels, Hudson Shelf Valley. These data were mapped based on 15 cubic inch water gun and CHIRP seismic-reflection records collected May, 1996. See Allison, 1997; Lanier, 1999; Lotto, 2000.
Originators Denny, Jane F.; Schwab, William C.; Foster, David S.; Lotto, Linda L.; Allison, Mead A.; Uchupi, Elazar O.; Swift, B. Ann; Danforth, William W.; Thieler, E. Robert; and Butman, Bradford

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