Digital elevation model (DEM) of Big Pine Ledge, Florida, 2022

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Description A digital elevation model (DEM) was created from underwater images collected at Big Pine Ledge (BPL), Florida, in July 2022 using the SfM (Structure-from-Motion) Quantitative Underwater Imaging Device with 5 cameras (SQUID-5) system. The underwater images were processed using SfM photogrammetry techniques into a classified two-class ('unclassified' and 'low noise') 3D point cloud. The DEM was created in Metashape (ver. 1.8.5) from the point cloud and includes points from both classes. The DEM covers a rectangular area of seafloor approximately 800x160 meters (m) (0.12 square kilometers [km]) in size and was saved as a Geographic Tagged Image File Format (GeoTIFF) raster at 1-centimeter (cm) resolution. [More]
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