Sun Illuminated Color Image of the 150 meter grid of the Puerto Rico Trench (SUNILLUM.TIF)

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Description Geologic features in the Puerto Rico trench are remotely sensed, monitored, collected, studied, and analyzed. This data set was colorized by depth and converted to sun illuminated raster imagery; it was collected and processed during the U.S. Geological Survey science cruise 03008 in collaboration with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Research Cruise RB0303 from 18 February to 7 March 2003, Leg II of III. (Leg I and III: 20020924 to 20020930 and 20030828 to 20030904, respectively).
Originators U.S. Geological Survey; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; ten Brink, Uri S.; Parker, Castle Eugene; Danforth, William W.; Polloni, Christopher F.; Uozumi, Toshi; and Williams, Glynn

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Image showing data coverage and general location.
Image showing data coverage and general location.