Presence of Microbes and the Distribution of Climatic, Environmental, and Geochemical Variables Web Mapping Application

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Description This web application dataset includes data collected by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) as well as environmental climatic, geochemical, and mineralogical variables from various sources. NOTE: This web application is no longer being supported, and has been removed from ArcGIS Online as of September 30, 2023. Please see the Process Steps of this metadata record for more information. Layers include: U.S. Boundary Layers (States, Counties, Watersheds, and EPA Regions), Bacillus anthracis PCR results (rpoB, pXO1, pXO2 genetic markers), Outbreak Counties, NOAA U.S. Climate Normals for Precipitation 1981-2010 (inches per year), USDA Census Data and Non-Agricultural Bison Herd Population Data, Soil pH (SSURGO), Soil pH (STATSGO), Slope (SSURGO), Slope (STATSGO), Flood Frequency (SSURGO), Flood Frequency (STATSGO), Drainage Class (SSURGO), Drainage Class (STATSGO), USGS Soil Geochemistry (0-5 cm depth), USGS Soil Geochemistry (A-horizon), USGS Soil Geochemistry (C-horizon), NOAA NCDC - Average Precipitation, NOAA NCDC - Average Temperature, USGS 2012 100m National Elevation Dataset (NED), and the NDFD Real-Time 72 Hour Precipitation Forecast. [More]
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