Nearshore water level, tide, and non-tidal residual hindcasts (1979-2016) for the U.S. Atlantic coast

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Description A dataset of modeled nearshore water levels (WLs) was developed for three states (Virginia, Georgia, and Florida) along the U.S. Atlantic coast. Water levels, defined for this dataset as the linear sum of tides and non-tidal residuals (NTR), were produced by Muis and others (2016) using a global tide and surge model (GTSM) forced by global atmospheric fields -. Water level outputs were extracted from the global grid at approximately 20 km resolution along the coastlines. These data were then statistically downscaled using a signal-specific set of corrections to improve skill in comparison to tide gauge observations (Parker and others, 2023). Hindcast water levels were forced by ERA5 atmospheric forcing provided by the dataset of Hersbach and others (2020). ERA5 is a reanalysis product, incorporating observations and data assimilation to best represent the experienced climate. Therefore, data from this version of the dataset are comparable to observed WLs along the study region. Similar modeled data for North Carolina and South Carolina are available from Barnard and others, 2023, at [More]
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