Idealized Antecedent Topography Sensitivity Study: Initial Baseline and Modified Profiles Modeled with XBeach

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Description Antecedent topography is an important aspect of coastal morphology when studying and forecasting coastal change hazards. The uncertainty in morphologic response of storm-impact models and their use in short-term hazard forecasting and decadal forecasting is important to account for when considering a coupled model framework. Mickey and others (2020) provided a methodology to investigate uncertainty of profile response within the storm impact model, XBeach, related to varying antecedent topographies. A parameterized island Gaussian fit (PIGF) model generated an idealized baseline profile and a suite of idealized profiles that vary specific characteristics based on collated observed light detection and ranging (lidar) data collected from Dauphin Island, AL, between 2005 and 2015. The model inputs of idealized topography and bathymetry values for simulation of synthetic storm evolution with XBeach are described in Mickey and others (2020) and included in this USGS data release. [More]
Originators Mickey, Rangley C.; Dalyander, P. Soupy; McCall, Robert T.; and Passeri, Davina L.
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