Physiographic Zones of the Sea Floor of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts (BuzzardsBay_Pzones, polygon shapefile, Geographic WGS 84)

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Description Geologic, sediment texture, and physiographic zone maps characterize the sea floor of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. These maps were derived from interpretations of seismic-reflection profiles, high-resolution bathymetry, acoustic-backscatter intensity, bottom photographs, and surficial sediment samples. The interpretation of the seismic stratigraphy and mapping of glacial and Holocene marine units provided a foundation on which the surficial maps were created. This mapping is a result of a collaborative effort between the U.S. Geological Survey and the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management to characterize the surface and subsurface geologic framework offshore of Massachusetts. [More]
Originators Foster, David S.; Baldwin, Wayne E.; Barnhardt, Walter A.; Schwab, William C.; Ackerman, Seth D.; Andrews, Brian D.; and Pendleton, Elizabeth A.

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Image of the physiographic zone shapefile for Buzzards Bay
Image of the physiographic zone shapefile for Buzzards Bay