Structure-from-Motion orthophotos from the Florida Keys, 2019

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Description Georeferenced orthophotos were created from structure-from-motion (SfM) data using seafloor images collected using the new 5-camera system SfM Quantitative Underwater Imaging Device with Five Cameras (SQUID-5). Images were collected in July 2019 by towing the SQUID-5 in 3 to 4 meters of water off of Islamorada in the Florida Keys during 3 days. The five cameras were synchronized together and with a survey-grade Global Positioning System (GPS). Images were collected over diverse benthic settings, including living and senile reefs, rubble, and sand. Orthomosaics were created from the photos using SfM photogrammetric software. [More]
Originators Warrick, Jonathan A.; Ritchie, Andrew C.; Dailey, Evan T.; Hatcher, Gerald A.; Kranenburg, Christine J.; Zawada, David G.; and Yates, Kimberly K.

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Example SfM orthomosaic
Example SfM orthomosaic