Metadata records with no keywords matching those from recognized thesauri

The topical browse interfaces here use a database that was created by reading all of the metadata, extracting specific information from each record. As an experiment, that code looks in Theme sections where Theme_Keyword_Thesaurus is either none or general (allowing variations in letter case) and tries to determine whether any of the keywords given there match terms from the controlled vocabularies that are already in the catalog database. If a term is matched, the record is treated in the catalog database as though the term was assigned from the given vocabulary.

In some records the code didn't find any terms that matched. Those records might concern subjects for which we have no thesaurus terms, or a term is spelled differently than we expected, perhaps suggesting a non-preferred term.

These are the records in which we didn't find terms that matched any of the vocabularies we have in the catalog database.

Results are color-coded by center: PCMSC SPCMSC WHCMSC

Metadata records with only one keyword matching those from recognized thesauri