Stream-gage measurement

Use of specialized instruments designed for observing, checking, and recording the water discharge that occurs in a natural channel.
This category is also used for gage-height monitoring, stream current monitoring, stream flow monitoring, stream-flow monitoring, streamflow monitoring, stream gage monitoring, and stream-gage monitoring.

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Streamgage measurements, Elwha River, Washington, 2011 to 2016

Streamgage levels on the Elwha River were measured from 2011 to 2016. These measurements show the height of the river's water surface, both in meters relative to the stream bed, as well as in meters relative to vertical geographic coordinates. Measurements were collected using a Global Water WL16 battery-operated vented water level logger in a hardened casing. The instrument was installed on October 17, 2011 on the left bank of the Elwha River at a power line crossing above the Elwha Surface Water Intake ...