Administrative and political boundaries

Lines drawn on maps or described in documents which encompass territory controlled by a government or organizational unit that may or may not align with geographic or cultural barriers. Use for datasets containing boundary representations for political/administrative units and related information.
This category is also used for borders, geographic boundaries, governmental units, and political boundaries.
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Shapefile for Coastal Zone Management Program counties of the United States and its territories, 2009 (CZMP_counties_2009.shp)

Shapefile for 492 Coastal Zone Management Program (CZMP) counties and county equivalents, 2009, extracted from the U.S. Census Bureau's MAF/TIGER database of U.S. counties and cross-referenced to a list of CZMP counties published by the NOAA/NOS Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM). Data extent to the nearest quarter degree is 141.00 E to 64.50 W longitude and 14.75 S to 71.50 N latitude. TL2009 in this document refers to metadata content inherited from the original U.S. Census Bureau ...