Atmospheric properties

Characteristics of the mass of gases surrounding the earth such as composition, temperature, pressure, and humidity.
This category is also used for atmosphere properties.

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Continuous Monitoring Data From Natural and Restored Salt Marshes on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 2016-17

Continuous monitoring data reported are a portion of data from a larger study investigating changes in soil properties, carbon accumulation, and greenhouse gas fluxes in four recently restored salt marsh sites and nearby natural salt marshes. For several decades, local towns, conservation groups, and government organizations have worked to identify, replace, repair, and enlarge culverts to restore tidal flow upstream from historical tidal restrictions in an effort to restore salt marsh ecosystems on Cape ...

Continuous Monitoring Data From Herring River Wetlands, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 2015 to January 2020

The Herring River estuary (Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Massachusetts) has been tidally restricted for over a century by a dike constructed near the mouth of the river. Behind the dike, the tidal restriction has caused the conversion of salt marsh wetlands to various other ecosystems including impounded freshwater marshes, flooded shrub land, drained forested upland, and wetlands dominated by Phragmites australis. This estuary is now managed by the National Park Service, which has plans to replace the dike and ...

Continuous Monitoring Data From Great Barnstable Marsh on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 2017-19

Salt marshes are environmental ecosystems that contribute to coastal landscape resiliency to storms and rising sea level. Ninety percent of mid-Atlantic and New England salt marshes have been impacted by parallel grid ditching that began in the 1920s–40s to control mosquito populations and to provide employment opportunities during the Great Depression (James-Pirri and others, 2009; Kennish, 2001). Continued alteration of salt marsh hydrology has had unintended consequences for salt marsh sustainability ...