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Cross-Bedding, Bedforms, and Paleocurrents

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Dip plot; see caption below.
Static image of cross-section; see caption below.

FIG. 78.  Simulation of perfectly longitudinal bedforms with sinuous plan forms, superimposed peaks, and planar troughs.  The bedforms reverse in asymmetry; plan-form sinuosities and peaks migrate along-crest.

RECOGNITION: Perfect alignment of the bedforms with the resultant transport direction is demonstrated by vertical accretion of the main bedforms.  Reversals in asymmetry of the main bedforms cause the foresets that are deposited on the bedform flanks to intertongue with horizontal beds deposited in the troughs.

ORIGIN: The bedform morphology simulated here is a common morphology of linear dunes.  The vertical accretion that is simulated requires unusually perfect alignment of the bedforms with the resultant transport direction.


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