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Field Activity Details for field activity 2023-310-FA

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Other ID: Marine Corps Base Hawaii Reefense Chirp, MBES, Imagery, Sediment

Status: Completed

Organization(s): USGS, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center

Funding Program(s): Defense Advanced Research Protection Agency (DARPA) Reefense (GR.23.MN00.M0Y21.00)

Principal Investigator(s): Emily Wei, Jennifer Miselis

Affiliate Investigator(s): Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; US Army Corps of Engineers

Information Specialist(s): Arnell Forde, Emily Wei, Chelsea Stalk

Data Type(s): Imagery: Photo, Sampling: Geology, Seismics: Sub Bottom Profiler, Sonar: Sound Velocity, Sonar: Multibeam, Location-Elevation: Navigation

Scientific Purpose/Goals: Bathymetry mapping and geologic assessment offshore of Ft. Hase, Oahu in support of efforts to construct an artificial coral reef offshore of Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

Vehicle(s): None

Start Port/Location: Kailua, HI

End Port/Location: Kailua, HI

Start Date: 2023-05-02

End Date: 2023-05-18

Equipment Used: Chirp 424, Digital Camera, Push Corer, Hand grab sampling, Valeport SVP, Valeport MiniSVS, Castaway-CTD, Multibeam Bathymetry System, SP90 GNSS Receiver

Information to be Derived: Seafloor depth, chirp geophysical data, polecam imagery. Diver-collected sediment grabs and push cores.

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered: Collected 84 seismic tracklines, bathymetry, and imagery data.

Staff: Rachel Marcuson, Billy Reynolds, Emily Wei, Chelsea Stalk

Affiliate Staff:

Notes: Entries for this field activity are based on entries from Field Activity 2022-334-FA.
Marcuson will depart survey on 5/10 or 5/11. Diver will be substituted in.
Imagery will be taken using PCMSC Pole Cam.


Kailua, HI, United States, Pacific Ocean

North: 21.44412134 South: 21.39426208 West: -157.74163055 East: -157.71639633


photo of Alyce C
Alyce C


Forde, A.S., Wei, E.A., and Stalk, C.A., 2024, Archive of Chirp Subbottom Profile Data Collected in 2023 From Oahu, Hawaii: U.S. Geological Survey data release,

Stalk, C.A., Wei, E.A., Marcuson, R.K., Hatcher, G.A., and Kranenburg, C.J., 2024, High-resolution Geophysical and Imagery Data Collected in May 2023 Near Fort Hase, Marine Corps Base Hawaii: doi: 10.5066/P9KACPGU.


Data Acquired

Survey EquipmentSurvey InfoData Type(s)Data Collected
Chirp 424 --- Sub Bottom Profiler
2023-310-FA_gis (Subbottom profile data location maps, geospatial files, and images)
2023-310-FA_segy (Digital chirp subbottom trace data)
2023-310-FA_seisimag (Processed subbottom profile images)
Digital Camera --- Photo
2023_310-FA_polecam_images (Images taken near Ft. Hase MCBH and Coconut Island using the polecam system, available in the CMHRP Imagery Data System (IDS))
Push Corer --- Geology
Hand grab sampling --- Geology
Valeport SVP --- Sound Velocity
Valeport MiniSVS --- Sound Velocity
Castaway-CTD --- Sound Velocity
Multibeam Bathymetry System --- Multibeam
FtHase_2023_MBES_xyz (Processed elevation point data (xyz) as derived from a 1-meter grid provided in both WGS84 (G1150) ellipsoid and NAD83 NAVD88 GEOID12B)
FtHase_2023_MBES_Backscatter (Processed acoustic intensity backscatter mosaic, derived from the 1-meter grid, provided as a 32-point GeoTIFF in WGS84 (G1150) ellipsoid )
CoconutIsland_2023_MBES_xyz (Processed elevation point data (xyz) as derived from a 0.25-meter grid provided in both WGS84 (G1150) ellipsoid and NAD83 NAVD88 GEOID12B )
CoconutIsland_2023_MBES_Backscatter (Processed acoustic intensity backscatter mosaic, derived from the 0.25-meter grid, provided as a 32-point GeoTIFF in WGS84 (G1150) ellipsoid)
SP90 GNSS Receiver --- Benchmarks
2023-310-FA_nav (Navigation data for the entire survey, 1000-shot-interval locations, and start of line locations)

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