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Field Activity Details for field activity J893SF

AKA: none

Other ID: J-8-93-SF

Status: Completed


Funding Program(s):

Principal Investigator(s): Patrick Hart, Jonathan Childs

Affiliate Investigator(s):

Information Specialist(s):

Data Type(s): Location-Elevation: Navigation, Seismics: Sub Bottom Profiler

Scientific Purpose/Goals: Test cruise


Start Port/Location:

End Port/Location:

Start Date: 1993-07-27

End Date: 1993-07-29

Equipment Used: GPS, seismic

Information to be Derived:

Summary of Activity and Data Gathered:


Affiliate Staff:

Staff information imported from InfoBank
Jon Childs (USGS Western Region) - Chief Scientist
Pat Hart (USGS Western Region) - Chief Scientist



North: 37.73812 South: 37.50739 West: -122.359 East: -122.18271


photo of David Johnston
David Johnston


Childs, J.R., Hart, P., Bruns, T.R., Marlow, M.S., and Sliter, R., 2000, High-resolution marine seismic reflection data from the San Francisco Bay Area: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 00â494,

Childs, J.R., Hart, P.E., McCarthy, J., and Marlow, M.S, 1994, High-resolution seismic-reflection studies of submerged fault zones throughout the San Francisco Bay area: American Geophysical Union Eos, Transactions, v. 75 no. 44, pp. 684–684.

Marlow, M.S., Hart, P.E., Childs, J.R., Mann, D.M., Mann, G.M., Carlson, P.R., and Anima, R.J., 1994, A major unconformity beneath South San Francisco Bay and the development of San Leandro Basin: American Geophysical Union Eos, Transactions, v. 75 no. 44, pp. 683–683.


FAN J893SF has data viewable in the GeoMappApp/Virtual Ocean applications. To view this data in these applications go to and See the instructions for locating USGS data in these applications. You can also view the imagery created from the SEGY data at

Data Acquired

Survey EquipmentSurvey InfoData Type(s)Data Collected
GPS --- Navigation
Global positioning system (GPS) data j-8-93-sf.062_degree
Best file with nav in ArcInfo E00 format
Global positioning system (GPS) data j-8-93-sf.062 (Provisional best file)
seismic --- Sub Bottom Profiler
Seismic FFID/Shot/CDP data j-8-93-sf.410_061 (Provisional best file)
Multichannel data (stack data)

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