OFR 2009-1072: Geophysical and Sampling Data from the Inner Continental Shelf: Duxbury to Hull, Massachusetts - Imagery dataset

By Walter A. Barnhardt, Seth D. Ackerman, Brian D. Andrews, and Wayne E. Baldwin

There are 656 images in this data release.

These images are part of the Coastal and Marine Hazards and Resources Program’s (CMHRP) Imagery Data System (IDS).
To see a map showing the locations of the images in this data release, visit https://cmgds.marine.usgs.gov/idsviewer/image_search/?exif__attribution_url=10.3133%2Fofr20091072.
To browse and search for other publicly available images from CMHRP, visit https://cmgds.marine.usgs.gov/idsviewer.

FGDC-CSDGM metadata can be accessed and downloaded from the data release landing page available at: https://doi.org/10.3133/ofr20091072.
or directly at: https://www1.usgs.gov/pir/api/identifiers/USGS:dd64a878-76cd-4ab2-8715-1135ed643df8
Images downloaded from this webpage will provide additional metadata information from the Imagery Data System within the download package.

Suggested Citation:
Barnhardt, W.A., Ackerman, S.D., Andrews, B.D., and Baldwin, W.E., 2010, Geophysical and sampling data from the inner continental shelf; Duxbury to Hull, Massachusetts: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2009-1072.