Field Activity K294HW

Identifier K294HW
Alternate names K-2-94-HW
Purpose To sample and groundtruth the 1993 Acoustic data especally the sidedscan sonar mosaic of the seafloor of Mamala Bay over the US Corps of Engineers Deep Ocean dredged material Disposal Sites used by Pearl and Honolulu Harbors. Use box core samples to determine the chemical and physical effects and anthropogenic stresses placed on the seafloor and near-surface substrate of Mamala Bay, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. The samples will be used to determine the toxicological and chemical effects of dredged material disposal on the ecosystem as well. Follow-up surveys addreessing the infauna will be conducted in 1995.
Description United States Army Corps of Engineers. Chief Scientists: Mike Torresan, Monty Hampton. Geological and Geophysical data (YoNav, GPS, 3dot5khz, 12khz, boxcore) of field activity K-2-94-HW in Mamala Bay, Offshore Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, United States of America from 05/16/1994 to 05/23/1994
Location United States of America
Summary 71 box core stations occupied in Mamala Bay, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii with 65 recoveries. Cores photographed and slab taken from cores also x-rayed for structure. Dredged material visible in many cores on and off the disposal sites. Subsamples collected for toxicological analyses and anthropogenic effects including: extractable heavy metals, organics, inorganics, pcbs, pesticides, mineralogy, grain size, total- organic- and carbonate carbon.
Comments Associated activities: K-1-93-HW K-2-93-HW K-1-94-HW K-2-94-HW Navigation and digital bathymetry are in USGS data base. Staff information imported from InfoBank Mike Torresan (USGS Western Region) - Chief Scientist Monty Hampton (USGS Western Region) - Chief Scientist
Length 104 feet.
Start (port not specified) 1994-05-16
End (port not specified) 1994-05-23
West -158.007
East -157.86066
North 21.31621
South 21.18314
Activity Geological and Geophysical


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers(USACE)
Principal investigators Michael E TorresanMonty A Hampton
Crew members

Data types and categories

Data category: Location-Elevation, Seismics, Sonar, Sampling
Data type: Navigation, Sub Bottom Profiler, Single Beam, Biology, Geology

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
YoNav Navigation (no data reported)
GPS Navigation 7
3.5khz Sub Bottom Profiler (no data reported)
12khz Single Beam 8
boxcore Biology, Geology (no data reported)



Samples collected during this field activity