Field Activity S378SC

Identifier S378SC
Alternate names S-3-78-SC,S-3-78-NC
Description Chief Scientists: Bill Normark, Gordon Hess. Geological and Geophysical data (12khz, 3dot5khz, airgunarcer, miniranger, pistoncore, gravitycore, bathmagnav, integratednavigation, LoranC, radar) of field activity S-3-78-SC in Southern California from 05/24/1978 to 06/01/1978
Location Southern California
Summary physical data holdings
Comments Staff information imported from InfoBank Al McClenaghan - Ship Captain Andy Stevenson (USGS Western Region) - Mechanical Technician Bill Barrere - Unsp Investigatr Bill Normark (USGS Western Region) - Chief Scientist Bob Dott - Geologist Cheryl Price - Navigator Chris Gutmacher (USGS Western Region) - Dafe Curator Ed Clifton (USGS Western Region) - Geologist Glen Barker - Mechanical Technician Gordon Hess (USGS Western Region) - Chief Scientist John Laingor - Chief Mate John Saladin - Electronics Technician Mike Boyle (USGS Western Region) - Electronics Technician Pat Wilde - Geophysicist Paula Mackrow - Navigator Rick Hollar - Navigator Steve Shannon - Watchstander Bill Soule - Chief Engineer
Sea Sounder
Start San Pedro, CA 1978-05-24
End Monterey, CA 1978-06-01
West -124.621
East -117.60966
North 36.4325
South 32.18146
Activity Geological and Geophysical


Principal investigators Hess, GordonNormark, Bill
Crew members
Michael E Boyle
Scientist, Staff
Barker, Glen
Scientist, Staff
Barrere, Bill
Scientist, Staff
Clifton, Ed
Scientist, Staff
Dott, Bob
Scientist, Staff
Gutmacher, Chris
Scientist, Staff
Laingor, John
Scientist, Staff
McClenaghan, Al
Scientist, Staff
Mackrow, Paula
Scientist, Staff
Price, Cheryl
Scientist, Staff
Stevenson, Andy
Scientist, Staff
Saladin, John
Scientist, Staff
Soule, Bill
Scientist, Staff
Wilde, Pat
Scientist, Staff
Affiliate staff Rick Hollar - Navigator,Steve Shannon - Watchstander

Data types and categories

Data category: Electro-Magnetic, Location-Elevation, Sampling, Seismics, Sonar
Data type: Magnetics, Navigation, Geology, Air Gun / Water Gun, Sub Bottom Profiler, Single Beam

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
12khz Single Beam 7
3.5khz Sub Bottom Profiler 1
airgunarcer Air Gun / Water Gun 1
miniranger Navigation 6
pistoncore Geology 9
gravitycore Geology 15
integratednavigation Navigation 6
LoranC Navigation (no data reported)
radar Navigation 1
transit satellite Navigation 1
bathmagnav Magnetics, Navigation, Single Beam (no data reported)


Datasets produced in this activity

Dataset name Equipment Description Dataset contact
Edited bathymetry data s-3-78-sc.330 12khz Bill Normark
Edited bathymetry data s-3-78-sc.330_050 12khz Bill Normark
Edited bathymetry data s-3-78-sc.331_050 12khz Provisional best file Bill Normark
NGDC MGD77 data - bathy 12khz Carolyn Hayashida Degnan
Raw depth (bathymetry) data s-3-78-sc.301 12khz Bill Normark
Survey information 12khz Bill Normark
Tape list 12khz Bill Normark
Survey information 3.5khz Bill Normark
Survey information airgunarcer Bill Normark
Lat/Long/UTM/State Plane data s-3-78-sc.650 miniranger Bill Normark
Miniranger Land Table in Lat/Long s-3-78-sc.640 miniranger Bill Normark
Raw Miniranger data s-3-78-sc.620 miniranger Bill Normark
Raw Miniranger data s-3-78-sc.621 miniranger Bill Normark
Raw Miniranger data s-3-78-sc.622 miniranger Bill Normark
Survey information miniranger Bill Normark
04p pistoncore Bill Normark
04pg pistoncore Bill Normark
05pa pistoncore Bill Normark
06pa pistoncore Bill Normark
07pa pistoncore Bill Normark
08pa pistoncore Bill Normark
09pa pistoncore Bill Normark
samples pistoncore data on FAD Carol A Reiss
Station Information pistoncore Bill Normark
01gb gravitycore Bill Normark
02ga gravitycore Bill Normark
02gb gravitycore Bill Normark
02gc gravitycore Bill Normark
03ga gravitycore Bill Normark
10ga gravitycore Bill Normark
11ga gravitycore Bill Normark
12ga gravitycore Bill Normark
13ga gravitycore Bill Normark
14g gravitycore Bill Normark
15ga gravitycore Bill Normark
16ga gravitycore Bill Normark
Grain-size data from core S3-15G gravitycore This data release presents sediment grain-size data from samples collected from core S3-15G, a 4.72-m long gravity core collected at a depth of 3,491 meters on the western levy of the Monterey Fan on May 31, 1978 Mary L McGann
Station Information gravitycore Bill Normark
Station log gravitycore Bill Normark
Best file with nav in ArcInfo E00 format integratednavigation Bill Normark
Eotvos/course/speed/distance data s-3-78-sc.070 integratednavigation Bill Normark
Integrated navigation (SINS) data s-3-78-sc.050 integratednavigation Provisional best file Bill Normark
Integrated navigation (SINS) data s-3-78-sc.050_degree integratednavigation Bill Normark
Lines integratednavigation Bill Normark
Survey information integratednavigation Bill Normark
Survey information radar Bill Normark
Satellite data s-3-78-sc.000 transit satellite Bill Normark


Samples collected during this field activity