Field Activity 2013-001-FA

Identifier 2013-001-FA
Purpose High resolution seismics and 4C OBS work at deepwater Gulf of Mexico sites previously drilled/logged through DOE/Chevron JIP
Location Northern Gulf of Mexico
Comments This is being filed only to hold the dates and equipment. This is a Gas Hydrates Project activity. Co-chief scientists are Seth Haines, Denver ERP, and Pat Hart, PCMSC. Local contact: Carolyn Ruppel Data are associated with USGS Santa Cruz field activity number P-01-13-LA. Project = Natural Gas Hydrates/DOE,
Start Cocodrie 2013-04-13
End Cocodrie 2013-05-07
Days in the field 19
West -92.5049
East -84.99023
North 28.1495
South 24.44715


384 Woods Hole Road
Quissett Campus
Woods Hole, MA02543-1598
(508) 548-8700
Principal investigators Carolyn Ruppel
Crew members
Eric Moore
Scientist, Staff
Thomas F O'Brien
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
Specialist, Information
Affiliate principal Ruppel not going on cruise; Pat Hart (PCMSC) and Seth Haines (Denver) co-chiefs

Data types and categories

Data category: Seismics
Data type: Multichannel, Sparker

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
Multichannel seismics Multichannel (no data reported)
Sparker Sparker (no data reported)


Samples collected during this field activity