Dates 1999-10-01 to 2022-09-30
Description There are four strategic objectives and four parallel long-term science goals for this project, which are more fully described in the USGS Gas Hydrates 5-year plan.(1) Strategic Goal 1: Contribute to Understanding the Energy Resource Potential of Onshore and Offshore Gas HydratesLong-term Science Goal 1: Construct quantitative source-migration-reservoir models of the hydrate system for specific and general cases.(2) Strategic Goal 2: Assess the Role of Gas Hydrates in Sea-floor StabilityLong-term Science Goal 2: Develop predictive capability for how gas hydrates interact with natural and man-made phenomena to affect sea-floor properties.(3) Strategic Goal 3: Assess the Role of Gas Hydrates in Global Climate ChangeLong-term Science Goal 3: Assess hydrates as a potential and/or significant source of green-house gas emissions?(4) Strategic Goal 4: Expedite Project and Information Management for USGS Gas Hydrates Research Long-term Science Goal 4: Maintain research flexibility and relevance in order to continue cutting-edge research in a viable and well-funded project.These objectives, broad in scope but focused in purpose, will set priorities for hydrates research through 2017 and ensure that USGS continues to play a leadership role in the increasingly competetive field of hydrates research. They will also ensure that USGS hydrate research evolves from description and characterization of hydrates to understanding and modeling the dynamic and highly interactive Earth processes that control their behavior.
Keywords Gas HydratesMethane HydratesEnergy ResourcesGlobal ChangeSea floor stabilityGulf of MexicoBlake RidgeMackenzie DeltaMallikNorthern Alaska Petroleum ResourcesPrudhoe BayEileen UnitKuparuk RiverTarn UnitGHASTLIPetrophysicsMarion DufresneODP leg 164ODP leg 204Giant piston coringProduction test wellProduction research wellJoint Industry Program (JIP)Pressure vesselsPhysical propertiesPetrophysicsAcoustic velocityResistivityMethaneEthaneStructure 1Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)Keathley Canyon 195Atwater Valley 14
Status Active
Center USGS, Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center