Field Activity 2016-333-FA

Identifier 2016-333-FA
Purpose Conduct ATRIS and jet ski benthic surveys to groundtruth lidar data.
Location Florida Keys off of Key Largo
Summary Collected Atris imaging and single beam bathymetric data data in transects on Molasses Reef, off the coast of Key Largo.
Info derived ATRIS imagery and single beam bathy
Personal Water Craft (Blue WVR2 - Chum)
Blue WaveRunner; R/V Chum
Personal Water Craft (White WVR1 - Shark)
White WaveRunner, R/V Shark
25' Parker
Chevy Suburban Silver
Ford F-350 Dually White (GSA)
Start St. Petersburg, Florida 2016-06-22
End St. Petersburg, Florida 2016-07-01
West -80.3578
East -80.31788705
North 25.07559663
South 25.01429402
Marine operations Yes


600 Fourth Street South
St. Petersburg, FL33701-4846
(727) 502-8000
Principal investigators David G Zawada
Crew members
Billy J Reynolds
Scientist, Staff
David G Zawada
Scientist, Staff
Kyle W Kelso
Scientist, Staff
Lance E Thornton
Scientist, Staff
Andrew S Farmer
Scientist, Staff
Information specialist(s)
Billy J Reynolds
Specialist, Information
Kyle W Kelso
Specialist, Information
Lance E Thornton
Specialist, Information

Data types and categories

Data category: Imagery, Sonar
Data type: Photo, Single Beam

Equipment used

Equipment Usage description Data types Datasets
Along Track Reef Imaging System (ATRIS) - Shallow Surveys (biological), Photo, Video, Navigation, Profiles (no data reported)
Single-beam Acoustic Sounder Single Beam (no data reported)


Samples collected during this field activity