Dataset description: 2017-009-FA_CTD

Conductivity-temperature-depth data collected aboard the R/V Auk on Stellwagen Bank
Keywordsturbidity, CTD measurement, marine chemistry, ocean salinity, ocean sciences, ocean temperature
Data typesCTD, Turbidity, Fluorescence


Activities and equipment

ActivityEquipmentHow equipment was used
2017-009-FASBE 19plus V2 SeaCAT Profiler CTDThese data were collected with a Sea-Bird CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) instrument - a SBE 19plus SeaCAT Profiler CTD. In addition to the CTD water column profiling, the CTD is equipped with auxiliary sensors to measure fluorescence and turbidity. This instrument was deployed on the USGS SEABed Observation and Sampling System (SEABOSS). The CTD is mounted horizontally on the SEABOSS frame and its maximum depth is approximately 1 meter above the seabed.