Dataset description: 2017-009-FA_SeabedImages

Seabed still images (frame grabs) collected aboard the R/V Auk on Stellwagen Bank (JPEG image format. EXIF headers have been added to include navigation and other meta tags).
Keywordssea-floor characteristics, underwater photography, field monitoring stations, image collections, marine geology
Data typesPhoto


Activities and equipment

ActivityEquipmentHow equipment was used
2017-009-FAGoPro cameraSeabed video images were collected using a battery-operated, high-definition (1920 x 1080 pixels) GoPro digital video camera mounted on the USGS SEABed Observation and Sampling System (SEABOSS). The SEABOSS system had two GoPro cameras and a Seaviewer camera attached to it. The Seaviewer camera had a live feed to the surface and was used only to observe obstacles, like gill nets and lobster gear, in order to avoid entanglement. In the case of camera failure, the additional cameras provided backup video.