Dataset description: Dauphin_Island_2015_SBB_NAD83_MLLW_xyz

The single-beam soundings (xyz) in NAD83 MLLW.
Keywordsfield monitoring stations, single-beam echo sounder, digital elevation models, geophysics, marine geology, bathymetry
Amount93 MB

Activities and equipment

2015-326-FAAshtech ProFlex 800 GNSS Receiver
The ProFlex 800 is a powerful GNSS positioning solution that delivers state-of-art RTK features in a rugged, highly integrated receiver design. The new Z-Blade GNSS centric technology uses all available satellite signals equally (without preference to any particular constellation) to deliver fast and stable RTK solutions. Z-Blade helps ProFlex 800 achieve optimal results, even in environments where GPS coverage in insufficient, like dense urban canyons or under tree canopy.