Dataset description: 2008-002-FA-SO-001-01

Processed Klein backscatter: 1-m sidescan sonar mosaic of survey area.
The backscatter collecting during 08002 is published in USGS OFR 2010-1006 as part of a larger backscatter mosaic covering the entire Northern Cape Cod survey area


Location of materials and files

Physical mediateramac/tr9/08002/processed/PCI/pix 08002 coverage only
Public files
Supporting documentation or data
Physical locationB. Andrews' desktop computer, Rm. C-29, Crawford Bldg., WHSC; hard copy in survey binder, B. Andrews' office, Rm. C-29, Crawford Bldg., WHSC.
Digital location

Activities and equipment

2008-002-FAKlein 3000
Dual frequency sidescan-sonar, 132/445 kHz

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