Dataset description: 2015-017-FA_CTD

Conductivity-temperature-depth, fluorescence and turbidity data collected aboard the R/V Auk on Stellwagen Bank (text files).
Keywordsturbidity, CTD measurement, marine chemistry, ocean salinity, ocean sciences, ocean temperature
Data typesCTD, Turbidity, Fluorescence
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Activities and equipment

2015-017-FASBE 19plus V2 SeaCAT Profiler CTD
CTD configured for shallow-water profiling. Main sensors are conductivity, temperature, and pressure. Supports 6 voltage channels for auxiliary sensors; including turbidity, dissolved oxygen, fluorometry, and others. version : 2.2c (wh)

Geometries linked to this dataset

MapFADD2015-017-FA_footprintFootprint of data acquisition on Stellwagen Bank during U.S. Geological Survey field activity 2015-017-FA, aboard the R/V Auk, May 18-19, 29, and June 3, 2015