Dataset description: 2015-017-FA_station_summary

Station and data summary for data collected aboard the R/V Auk on Stellwagen Bank (Geographic, WGS 84, point shapefile, XLSX and CSV formats)
Keywordsvideos, field monitoring stations, field activity logs, CTD measurement, marine geology
Data typesSurveys (biological), Geology, Biology
FormatXLSX, CSV, shapefile
Amount< 1 MB

Activities and equipment

ActivityEquipmentHow equipment was used
2015-017-FASeaBOSSThe SEABed Observation and Sampling System (SEABOSS) was used to collect sediment samples with a modified Van Veen sampler and video images of the seabed with GoPro cameras mounted on the frame. A CTD was mounted horizontally on the SEABOSS frame.