Dataset description: 2010-006-FA Bathymetry

Esri binary grid and GeoTIFF images of the Indian River Bay bathymetry generated from fathometer data. UTM and geographic.
Keywordssea-floor characteristics, single-beam echo sounder, geospatial datasets, bathymetry
Data typesSingle Beam
FormatGeoTIFF; Esri binary grid
Amount<1 MB

Three separate datasets (binary grid, UTM; GeoTIFF, UTM, and GeoTIFF, geographic). Only pointed to one metadata file. Would be nice to point to more.


Activities and equipment

2010-006-FALowrance 480M
GPS navigation system with 200 kHz echosounder

Geometries linked to this dataset

Map2010-006-FA_footprintFootprint of data acquisition.