Dataset description: 2022-001-FA_ET3400

Chirp seismic reflection data- shotpoints, tracklines, profile images, and SEG-Y traces for EdgeTech 3400 chirp data collected during USGS field activity 2022-001-FA (point and polyline shapefiles, CSV text, PNG Images (1 GB), and SEG-Y data (13 GB), GCS WGS 84)
Keywordsseismic reflection methods, sub-bottom profiling, navigational data, geospatial datasets, marine geology, marine geophysics
Data typesSub Bottom Profiler
Formatshapefile; CSV; PNG; SEG-Y;
Amount15 GB


Activities and equipment

2022-001-FAEdgetech 3400
2-16kHz sub bottom profiler

Geometries linked to this dataset

Map2022-001-FA_ET3400_tracksSimplified tracklines of ET3400 data acquisition collected in Nantucket Sound Massachusetts in the vicinity of Horseshoe Shoal on 2022-001-FA