Dataset description: Bathymetric terrain model

Six different multibeam surveys covering the previously unmapped Queen Charlotte Fault offshore southeast Alaska and Haida Gwaii, Canada
Keywordsmultibeam sonar, geology, geophysics, geospatial datasets, bathymetry
Data typesMultibeam
Amount234 MB


Activities and equipment

2015-629-FAReson 7111
The SeaBat 7111 produces bathymetry data suitable for the generation of high resolution hydrographic charts exceeding international standards in water depths from 3 to 1000m. Operating at 100kHz, the system forms 101, 201 high-density, equi-angle or 301 equi-distant beams to cover a total receive sector of 150°. The system is pitch stabilized. The SeaBat 7111 transducer array is comprised of a cylindrical receive array and a linear transmitter array, mounted together on a support cradle that provides mounting points to the vessel. Lightweight and portable, the array can be installed temporarily over the side of a vessel of opportunity a first for a system in this frequency range.
2016-625-FAReson 7160
leased - contractor (TerraSond)