Dataset description: 2022-309-FA_nav

Navigation data for the entire survey, 1000-shot-interval locations, and start of line locations
Keywordscoastal processes, sub-bottom profiling, field activity logs, navigational data, geology, geospatial datasets, image collections, marine geology
Formatcomma-delimited text;
Amount2.9 MB

Activities and equipment

2022-309-FASP90 GNSS Receiver
The SP90m is a powerful, highly versatile, ultra-rugged, and reliable GNSS positioning solution for a wide variety of applications in real-time and post-processing. It also comes with a variety of integrated communications options, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, UHF radio, cellular modem, and two MSS L-band channels to receive Trimble RTX correction services. The modular form factor of the SP90m allows for a maximum in flexibility on how the receiver can be used, such as base station, continuously operating reference station (CORS), RTK or Trimble RTX rover, on-board machine integration, vessels, etc. The ultra-rugged design of the aluminum receiver housing protects the investment, especially in tough field environments.