Dataset description: Current profiler time-series data collected in 2009 offshore of Wainwright, Alaska

A time-series of binned current-velocities and recorded ping amplitudes were collected offshore Wainwright, Alaska, from August 24 to October 02, 2009 (UTC). Measurements were collected using a 1 MHz NortekTM AWAC acoustic Doppler current profiler mounted on a frame in approximately 10 m of water. The profiler was mounted on the frame 0.55 m off the bottom of the seafloor, and collected data in 8 vertical bins, centered at 1.95(bin1), 2.95, 3.95, 4.95, 5.95, 6.95, 7.95, and 8.95(bin8) meters above the seabed, measuring over 8.53-minute bursts at 2 Hz. These data are available in a single csv file.
Keywordsocean currents
Data typesCurrent
Formatcomma-delimited text;
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Activities and equipment

TM109ARNortek AWAC
TM209ARNortek AWAC