Dataset description: Wave time-series data collected in 2009 offshore of Wainwright, Alaska

Time series wave data were collected offshore of Wainwright, Alaska, from August 24 to October 02, 2009 (UTC). Measurements were collected using a 1 MHz NortekTM AWAC acoustic Doppler current profiler mounted on a frame in approximately 10 m of water. The instrument was mounted to the frame at 0.55 m off the bottom of the seafloor, and collected data in 8.53-minute bursts at 2 Hz. Significant wave heights (Hs), maximum significant wave heights (Hmax), peak and mean wave periods (Tp and Tm, respectively), and peak and mean wave directions (Dp and Dm respectively) are available in a csv file. Spectral wave data are available as a NetCDF file.
Keywordsocean waves
Data typesMooring (physical oceanography)
Formatcomma-delimited text;
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Activities and equipment

TM109ARNortek AWAC
TM209ARNortek AWAC