Antolínez, Jose A. A.

About the author

Coral reef profiles for wave-runup prediction

This data release includes representative cluster profiles (RCPs) from a large (>24,000) selection of coral reef topobathymetric cross-shore profiles (Scott and others, 2020). We used statistics, machine learning, and numerical modelling to develop the set of RCPs, which can be used to accurately represent the shoreline hydrodynamics of a large variety of coral reef-lined coasts around the globe. In two stages, the data were reduced by clustering cross-shore profiles based on morphology and hydrodynamic ...

Model parameter input files to compare effects of stream discharge scenarios on sediment deposition and concentrations around coral reefs off west Maui, Hawaii

This dataset consists of physics-based Delft3D model and Delwaq model input files used in modeling sediment deposition and concentrations around the coral reefs of west Maui, Hawaii. The Delft3D models were used to simulate waves and currents under small (SC1) and large (‘SC2’) wave conditions for current stream discharge (‘Alt1’) and stream discharge with watershed restoration (‘Alt3’). Delft3D model results were subsequently used as forcing conditions for Delwaq models to simulate sediment ...

HyCReWW database: A hybrid coral reef wave and water level metamodel

We developed the HyCReWW metamodel to predict wave run-up under a wide range of coral reef morphometric and offshore forcing characteristics. Due to the complexity and high dimensionality of the problem, we assumed an idealized one-dimensional reef profile, characterized by seven primary parameters. XBeach Non-Hydrostatic was chosen to create the synthetic dataset and Radial Basis Functions implemented in Matlab were chosen for interpolation. Results demonstrate the applicability of the metamodel to obtain ...