Hallett, Ben W.

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Shelf Sediments off Long Island (MCKINNEY70 shapefile)

The detailed nature of relict sediments resulting from and related to the Holocene transgression is revealed through this sedimentological study of a densely sampled corridor across the southern New England continental shelf. These shelf sediments can be divided into an inner and middle clean sand facies and an outer shelf muddy sand facies. Sediment data supports the view that the outer muddy sediment is relict; the sharp "mud line" at about 35 fathoms results not from modern deposition, but from the ...

Bedrock Data from Western Cape Cod, Massachusetts (WELLSITE shapefile, Geographic, NAD27)

Cores collected from recent drilling in western Cape Cod, Massachusetts provide insight into the topography and petrology of the underlying bedrock. Cores from 64 drill sites spread over a approximately 140 km2 study area produced samples of granitoids (31), orthogneisses (20), basalts/diabases (4), amphibolites (3), felsic mylonites (2), and dolomitic rock (2). Granitoid composition ranges from granite to tonalite and quartz diorite, but it is dominated by two-feldspar granites. Hydrothermal alteration ...

Digital version of the Cape Cod and the Islands Geologic Map (CAPE_GEOLGEOG shapefile, Geographic, NAD83)

These data represent a digital form of the geologic map of Cape Cod and the islands.