Lidz, Barbara

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Archive of Boomer Seismic Reflection Data Collected on USGS Cruise 97KEY01, Upper and Middle Florida Keys, 12 October - 1 November, 1997.

This report consists of two-dimensional marine seismic reflection profile data from the upper and middle Florida Keys. The area of operations extended from just north of Molasses Reef off north Key Largo (Upper Keys) to the east boundary of Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary (Lower Keys). These data were acquired in October and November of 1997 with the Charter Vessel Captain's Lady. The data are available in a variety of formats, including binary, ASCII, HTML, Shapefiles, JPG and GIF images. Binary data ...

Florida Keys Corals: A Photographic Record of Changes from 1959 to 2015

This data release contains time-series photographs taken of corals and coral habitats in the Florida Keys between 1959 and 2015 at Carysfort Reef and Grecian Rocks (a total of six sites). The original intent was to show coral reef recovery after Hurricane Donna devastated the area in 1960. Corals, especially elkhorn and staghorn coral, grew prolifically after the storm until the late 1970s, then began to decline, with the maximum period of decline centered around 1983 and 1984. These time-series photographs ...