Peterson, Curt

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TSUNAMI_DEPOSITS - Tsunami Deposits at Seaside, Oregon

This data set is a point shapefile representing tsunami deposits within the Seaside, Oregon region obtained by Brooke Fiedorowicz and Curt Peterson in 1997 and Bruce Jaffe, Curt Peterson, and Robert Peters in 2004. The geospatial dataset were derived from spreadsheets provided by Bruce Jaffe.

CTD_DATABASE - Cascadia tsunami deposit database

The Cascadia Tsunami Deposit Database contains data on the location and sedimentological properties of tsunami deposits found along the Cascadia margin. Data have been compiled from 52 studies, documenting 59 sites from northern California to Vancouver Island, British Columbia that contain known or potential tsunami deposits. Bibliographical references are provided for all sites included in the database. Cascadia tsunami deposits are usually seen as anomalous sand layers in coastal marsh or lake sediments. ...