Quataert, Ellen

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Model parameter input files to compare wave-averaged versus wave-resolving XBeach coastal flooding models for coral reef-lined coasts

This data release includes the XBeach input data files used to evaluate the importance of explicitly modeling sea-swell waves for runup. This was examined using a 2D XBeach short wave-averaged (surfbeat, XB-SB) and a wave-resolving (non-hydrostatic, XB-NH) model of Roi-Namur Island on Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of Marshall Islands. Results show that explicitly modelling the sea-swell component (using XB-NH) provides a better approximation of the observed runup than XB-SB (which only models the time ...

Model parameter input files to compare the influence of coral reef carbonate budgets on alongshore variations in wave-driven total water levels on Buck Island Reef National Monument

A set of physics-based XBeach Non-hydrostatic hydrodynamic model simulations (with input files here included) were used to evaluate how varying carbonate budgets, and thus coral reef accretion and degradation, affect alongshore variations in wave-driven water levels along the adjacent shoreline of Buck Island Reef National Monument (BUIS) for a number of sea-level rise scenarios, specifically during extreme wave conditions when the risk for coastal flooding and the resulting impact to coastal communities is ...