Shallow ATRIS Seafloor Images - West Turtle Shoal Patch Reef, Rawa PatchReef, Dustan Rocks Patch Reef, and Thor Patch Reef, Florida, 2011

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Description Underwater digital images, single-beam bathymetry, and global-positioning system (GPS) data were collected September 29-30, 2011 around Dustan Rocks Patch Reef, Thor Patch Reef, West Turtle Shoal Patch Reef, and Rawa Patch Reef in the Florida Keys. A total of 101,734 images were collected, covering 4672 square meteres (m2) of reef habitat. This data release contains a subset of 1,420 images, organized into four sets: Track1, Track2, Track3, and Track4. These images were used for coral bleaching assessments, contain GPS data and also include additional, survey-specific Exchangable Image File format (EXIF) header information. The data were collected using the USGS shallow Along-Track Reef-Imaging System (sATRIS), a boat-based, pole-mounted sensor package for mapping shallow-water benthic environments. Two other implementations exist: A towed system called Deep ATRIS and a profiling system called Drift ATRIS. All three ATRIS implementations incorporate a digital still camera, a video camera, and an acoustic depth sounder. In this study, sATRIS images were collected at a rate of 10 hertz (Hz), the single-beam depth soundings at 10 Hz, and the GPS data at 1 Hz. The survey was conducted using the USGS research vessel (R/V) Halimeda, running at a nominal speed of 2 knots. [More]
Originators U.S. Geological Survey
Field activities 11CRE05

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