Photomicrograph Images of Sediment Samples Collected at Crocker Reef, Florida, 2013-2014

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Description Understanding the processes that govern whether a coral reef is accreting (growing) or dissolving are fundamental to questions of reef health and resiliency. A total of 52 surficial sediment samples were collected within a 1-km x 1-km area around Crocker Reef in the Florida Keys, USA, between 2013 and 2014. Samples 1-35 were collected in July 2013 and samples 36-52 were collected in July 2014. The samples were processed using conventional, published techniques (see process step section) to yield grain size and mineralogical data. The dataset, contains photomicrograph images that correspond to each sediment sample. These images also include additional, survey-specific EXchangable Image File format (EXIF) header information. [More]
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