High-resolution chirp seismic-reflection data collected offshore Oceanside, southern California during field activity 2017-686-FA from 2017-10-23 to 2017-10-31

Online link https://cmgds.marine.usgs.gov/catalog/pcmsc/DataReleases/CMGDS_DR_tool/DR_P9UELSBU/2017-686-FA_chirp_metadata.faq.html
Description This section of the data release contains approximately 369 line-kilometers of processed, high-resolution chirp seismic-reflection profiles that were collected aboard the R/V Snavely in 2017 on U.S. Geological Survey cruise 2017-686-FA offshore Oceanside, southern California. The along-shore and across-shore chirp profiles are oriented to assess sand and gravel resources in Federal and State waters for potential use in future beach nourishment projects along stretches of the coast where critical erosion hotspots have been identified. The chirp profiles were acquired using an Edgetech 512 Chirp sub-bottom profiling system. [More]
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Field activities 2017-686-FA

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