Atlantic and Gulf coast sandy coastline topo-bathy profile and characteristic database

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Description Seamless topographic-bathymetric (topo-bathy) profiles and their derived morphologic characteristics were developed for sandy coastlines along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the United States. As such, the rocky coasts of Maine, the coral reefs in southern Florida and the Keys, and the marsh coasts in the Mississippi Delta and the Florida Big Bend region and are not included in this dataset. Topographic light detection and ranging (lidar) data (dune crest, dune toe, and shorelines) from Doran and others (2017) were stitched together with bathymetric data (nearshore slope) from the Continuously Updated Digital Elevation Model (CUDEM, 2014) to generate the seamless topo-bathy profiles. The topo-bathy profiles are published as a database in the Hierarchical Data Format version 5 (HDF5) which contain cross-shore distance coordinates, Universe Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system Easting and Northing coordinates, and various morphologic characteristics are provided here. A total of 3,897 topo-bathy profiles are included in the HDF5 database file. For further information regarding generation of these seamless topo-bathy profiles refer to Mickey and Passeri, 2022b. [More]
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