USGS Seafloor Mapping CORLISS 98014 Seismic Data

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Description This CD-ROM contains digital high resolution seismic-reflection and bathymetric data collected during the USGS CORLISS 98014 cruise during Aug. 25 to Sept. 15, 1998.  The study area covers the Columbia River estuary, Willapa Bay, and the inner shelf off southern Washington.  The seismic-reflection data are stored as SEG-Y standard format that can be read and manipulated by most seismic processing software.  Much of the information specific to the data are contained in the headers of the SEG-Y format files.  The file system format is ISO 9660 Romeo which can be read with Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Unix, and Macintosh operating systems with the appropriate CD-ROM driver software installed.  The navigation and bathymetric data are stored as an ASCII file with the navigation and depth information logged mostly at a 10 second interval.   Blatantly bad bathymetric values were replaced with a value of 9999.  Depths are presented in meters from the sea surface (assuming a speed of sound in water of 1450 m/sec).  Both raw and tidally corrected depths are present in the navigation file. [More]
Originators Twichell, David C.; Cross, VeeAnn A.; and Parolski, Kenneth F.
Field activities 1998-014-FA

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