Physics-based numerical circulation model outputs of ocean surface circulation during the 2010-2013 summer coral-spawning seasons in Maui Nui, Hawaii, USA

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Description Ocean surface current results from a physics-based, 3-dimensional coupled ocean-atmosphere numerical model were generated to understand coral larval dispersal patterns in Maui Nui, Hawaii, USA. The model was used to simulate coral larval dispersal patterns from a number of existing State-managed reefs and large tracks of reefs with high coral coverage that might be good candidates for marine-protected areas (MPAs) during 8 spawning events during 2010-2013. The goal of this effort is to provide geophysical data to help provide guidance to sustain coral health in Maui Nui, Hawaii, USA. Each model output run is available as a netCDF file with self-contained attribute information. Each file name is appended with the model-simulation date in YYYYMMDD format; the file name denotes the beginning of simulation portion of the model run, with the model starting and spinning up over two days before the model-simulation date in the file name. [More]
Originators Storlazzi, Curt D.; van Ormondt, Maarten; Chen, Yi-Leng; and Elias, Edwin P.L.

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