Data compilation of soil respiration, moisture, and temperature measurements from global warming experiments from 1994-2014

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Description This dataset is the largest global dataset to date of soil respiration, moisture, and temperature measurements, totaling >3800 observations representing 27 temperature manipulation studies, spanning nine biomes and nearly two decades of warming experiments. Data for this study were obtained from a combination of unpublished data and published literature values. We find that although warming increases soil respiration rates, there is limited evidence for a shifting respiration response with experimental warming. We also note a universal decline in the temperature sensitivity of respiration at soil temperatures >25°C. This dataset includes 3817 observations, from control (n=1812), first (i.e., lowest or sole) level warming (n=1812), second (higher) level warming (n=179, four studies), and third-level warming (n=14, one study). Experiment locations ranged from 33.5 to 68.4 degrees N latitude and the duration of warming at experiments ranged from <1 to 22 years (average 5.1 years). Depths of soil temperature (1-10 cm) and moisture measurements (5-30) ranged across studies, but were always consistent between warmed and control plots within a particular study. Each site was classified into a particular biome (grassland, northern shrubland (i.e., peatlands and heathlands), southern shrubland (i.e., Mediterranean or sub-tropical shrublands)), tundra, desert, meadow, temperate agriculture, temperate forest and boreal forest) by the associated principal investigator (PI). [More]
Originators Carey, Joanna C.; Tang, Jianwu; Templer, Pamela H.; Kroeger, Kevin D.; Crowther, Thomas W.; Burton, Andrew; Dukes, Jeffrey S.; Emmet, Bridget; Frey, Serita; Heskel, Mary; Jiang, Lifen; Machmuller, Megan; Mohan, Jacqueline E.; Panetta, Anne Marie; Reich, Peter B.; Wang, Xin; Allison, Steven D.; Bamminger, Chrisopher; Bridgham, Scott D.; Collins, Scott L.; de Dato, Giovanbattista; Eddy, William C.; Enquist, Brian J.; Estiarte, Marc; Harte, John; Henderson, Amanda; Johnson, Bart R.; Larsen, Klaus S.; Luo, Yiqi; Marhan, Sven; Melillo, Jerry; Peñuelas, Josep; Pfeifer-Meister, Laurel; Poll, Christian; Rastetter, Edward B.; Reinmann, Andy; Reynolds, Lorien L.; Schmidt, Inger K.; Shaver, Gaius R.; Strong, Aaron L.; Suseela, Vidya; and Tietema, Albert

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